Las Vegas Solitaire App Reviews

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App was fun but now there is a lot of annoying bugs

Back row of cards are all turned up. Black tens seems to be interfering or not allowing me to stack cards or it dissappears from order and then that pile of cards are no longer usuable.


It is okay but it has some very strange bugs


FULL of bugs - crashes often, limited options, if you turn to landscape view while the cards are being dealt, half the playing area cards show up blank! And you are still debited for the deal?! Not worth the $2.99

Good App

Smooth gameplay without bugs!

doesnt work

i downloaded it, but it wouldnt open on my ipod touch. i ended up deleting it. im not sure if it was just my ipod or what, but none the less i ended up deleting it. waste of money.

Works Great

The aplication works great - good purchace. The graphics are just a little fuzzy, & twice the application didnt display all the cards. I just started over again and it worked fine.

Not nearly as good as the hacked version Ive been using.

Why cant we just have one decent solitaire game?

Waste of money

Just like another reviewer said , graphics are fuzzy at best . Mine quit working after a week, I then deleted it and tried to sync with iTunes to reinstall it like I had read we were supposed to me able to , and iTunes responded as if I had never bought it ... This is not encouraging me to buy from the Apps Store again !!!

Not great....

Not too many bugs but I have played it well over about 200 times and won only 1 game. If thats what you want then its great.

Ok for now

Generally ok. Problems are the lack of undo button and inability to take top card off piles back into play. Double tapping can make cards go to a place you dont want and there is no way to reverse it. Agree with other review that it is very hard to win.

Las Vegas Solitaire Works, but may require a reboot

When I first loaded, it did absolutely nothing, but after a complete shutdown and reboot, it works great. Great program for the price. Also,kudos to Cliff Maier, he responded to my query (although I had already solved it - accidently) and advised to do a complete shutdown. I figure, leaving a bad review requires a return visit to correct it.

Bottom of the barrel

If you like to play against people who cheat at cards, then this game is definitely for you. Ive never been to Vegas, but if they play Solitaire the way this game does, they ought to be investigated. It makes lots of "mistakes" (such as dealing four cards instead of three) that almost always favor the House and frankly, if I hadnt paid my hard-earned money for this bomb Id have erased it from my iPhone a long time ago.


This is the one time I didnt even look at ratings before buying and im sorry I didnt. Graphics need work, game play needs work. Still its the only cumulative Vegas Style I could find.


I didnt look at the reviews first and am sorry now. It was the only Vegas Solitaire app I could find. Graphics are terrible and hard to see. Options are few and possibility to win at all is nil. Terrible price for something so bad. The only thing that I can hope for are any future updates.

Keeps a running total of your $-Dollar-$ Score

The graphics are just OK, but I really like this game as you can keep a running total of the dollars youve made (or in my case lost) while playing.


Very buggy and limited functionality. Avoid.

Do not buy

Absolutely not worth it. Do not waste your time or money.

Does not work under iOS 7!

Played one hand but wont reshuffle.

No stars

I wasted my money. I uninstalled and installed it to try to get it to work right and its not working.

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